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"All men by nature desire knowledge."

Bulletins, Troubleshooting, Warnings,

Below is a list of links to articles regarding many technical and operational problems.  Some articles were written by members of The Doghouse, some are from MCI, some from GLI Maintenance, some from other companies.
This should be useful to both operators and mechanics. 

Click the links below to learn more about the equipment you operate or maintain....

Multiplex Overview


MCI service bulletin 2801, TIRES

The new ZF Astronic Transmission

All about Batteries

No Gen Light Troubleshooting procedure

Entrance door issues

G45 entry and service door problems

Proper FLuid Checks

Check Engine Lights

No Clearance Lights Trick

ECM data downloads

How to work the Thermo King A.C. Controller

How to work the Carrier A.C. controller

More on the ZF astronic transmission

How to properly shift gears with B500 Transmission

The New G45 Seat

Charging System Quick Checks, MC8 thru D/DL

Doran Tire Pressure Monitor

D-model HVAC controller blank

MCI Service Bulletin 2811 Correct Air Brake Function

MCI Service Bulletin 2813 G45 Correct Air System Function

MCI Service Bulletin 2761 Drivers Heater Shut-off Valve

Multiplexing - MCI service info

Tag Axle steering - D models

MCI Service Bulletin 2892B Tech Training 2005

How Diesel Engines Work

Did You Know......
A Detroit Deisel Series 60 with a EGR engine gets 6.65 miles per gallon.
That same engine, with the ZF Astronic transmission gets 7.97 miles per gallon. can download the Thermo King Wiring Diagram, not shown in MCI's maintenance manual,  right here....

Thermo King HVAC schematic

It looks a little fuzzy, but it will print fine.

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Follow this link to get the part numbers for all of MCI's service manuals, disks, etc.

MCI Publications


MCI Service Bulletins

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From September 1, 2003 through June 30, 2004, GLI spent 6 million dollars on Bus Parts alone. 

Why so much ?
1.  Part Swapping is the most popular means of troubleshooting.
2. Drivers have a tendency to hit every sign, parking stop, or other bus within ten feet.
3. G's are Junk.  Imagine if so many weren't under warranty during that time span.

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