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Warning regarding Lavatory Dumping Procedures

from Nuts and Bolts newsletter, May 2002

In May, 2002, a Lorton VA.charter and tour company was fined $50,000 and was placed on one year probation for illegally dumping a coach lavatory waste tank into  a city storm sewer drain.  Not only did the company recieve a fine, it's 39 year old president must serve a two year supervised probation, with 6 months of wearing an electronic ankle bracelet.  He also had to pay a personal fine of $500, pay for the cost of the akle bracelet monitoring fee, and will have a criminal record for the rest of his life.  Then on top of that, his company had to pay an additional $800 to clean the mess up.
The consequences could have been far worse, the EPA was lieneint because the company was very cooperative in the deal.  They reached a plea deal and the president of the company was allowed to plead quilty to a misdemeanor in order to avoid a lengthy stay in jail.  The judge in the case stated the next time this happens with any bus company, there will be no get out of jail free card.  The judge added "someone could pay a very heavy price, indeed."
When a lavatory tank is dumped, ensure it is over an authorized waste station, not a storm drain.  Make sure it is completely over the waste station, anything that misses the waste station is going to be washed down a storm drain.  Don't let the desire to get done quickly let you wind up in this situation, facing high fines and jail time, not to mention a federal crime on your life long record.

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