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Ever turn on the clearance light switch in an MC-12 or D-Model and nothing happens ??
This may help.........

Pictured below is the RoadLight relay.  This relay is energized when you turn on the clearance light switch, which closes the relay and allows electrical current to flow to the lights. 
Sometimes it gets old and worn out, but more often gets sticky from drivers coffee and soda's spilling down from the driver compartment.  Many times, you can simply give it a little bump and it will close completely, giving you lights so you can drive legally.

The relay is located inside the service door immediatley under the drivers window.
It is in the lower left hand corner.

Just a little tap right in the center will do fine
Don't be scared, it won't shock you.

Just touch the black plastic parts
Don't touch the metal parts.

Sometimes there will be black plastic cover over the relay, if that is the case, just give a good whap on the cover, it may work like that. 
The cover is easy to remove if you have a small phillips screwdriver, which I recommend all drivers carry.


This was a wheel bearing, until it was ran a few hundred miles with no oil.
Hub oil is important folks.

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