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Prolonging Tire Life Saves Money 

Keeping tires inflated properly is easily the most critical factor for getting the most our of your tires.
Proper air pressure ensures the tires will be safe and will last longer.
It is not the tire, but the air in the tire that carries the weight of a vehicle, absorbs shock, and keeps the tire in shape so it can perform as designed.
Besides affecting resistance and fuel economy, tire pressure also influences handling, traction, braking, and load carrying capabilities.
A tires worst enemy is heat.  Improperly inflated tires don't flex as they were designed to.  The abnormal flexing generates heat and creats uneven wear, and reduces traction and performance causing handling and ride problems.
Check Tire Pressure Regularly. 
Use Valve Caps
Be sure dual wheels are matched in size, pressure, tread pattern, and design.
Maintain Total Vehicle Alignment.
Ensure tires are application specific. 

Retreaded tires can, and do perform as well as tires that have never been retreaded.  Using retreads can cut tire costs in half, a substantial savings.
They cannot be used on a steering axle. 

"Trying to determine if tires need air by thumping them is as effective as trying to determine if the engine needs oil by thumping the hood."
                     --Harvey Brodskey, Tire Retread Information Bureau

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